Waiting for Godot on the E train

Good to get away from this for a week

My week-long absence seems to have been a ‘Waiting for Godot’ moment, in that nothing much actually happened.  Unless of course one delves into the details of a routine follow-up, whereby it was revealed that the new streetcar proposal may very well necessitate the building of another bridge between Greenpoint and LIC over the Newtown Creek.  Which should not come as a surprise to readers here.

While I personally am neutral to the idea, thinking it slightly positive for LIC but a poor investment for the city as a whole, in light of the administration’s admission that we might need a new bridge, if given my drothers, I’d rather we skip the whole streetcar concept, and just build a bike/pedestrian bridge over the creek along the waterfront.  I believe it would get more use, and be more useful, to connect the parks and paths along the river.  The build-out would also be a lot less disruptive, and the total cost a lot lower.  As long as the door’s been opened…

///Pizza Hut is NOT coming to Vernon Boulevard – or at least not One Vernon Jackson.  We received word from a tenant in the building that another pizza chain looked at the location, but passed due to architectural considerations.  One chain out of contention, 162,315 still possible.  Bubba Gump, Cold Stone Creamery, McD’s, dream big!

Streetcar Service Proposed by Mayor de Blasio May Require Two New Bridges “Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen made public new details about the streetcar proposal, with the potential need for the two bridges among the most notable and expensive elements of the planned system”

Industrially Inspired Condo in LICwe’ve lauded this development as the Second Coming

Take a Look at What’s on the Table for LIC Streets“Every street in Long Island City is in line for a top-to-bottom reconstruction”

Fresh Direct LIC Site Said to Sell for $48 Millionthat’s a lot of bananas

LIC Gets New RE BrokerageJermain Miller opens MiLL RE

LIC Gateway to a Thriving Queens Housing Marketyes it is

Queens Council on Arts Moving Into The Maximilian“(QCA), a nonprofit organization that aims to support and develop artists in the borough”


  1. Brian Howald says:

    I forgot to mention that it was this bridge that explains the width of Vernon Blvd. south of 50th Avenue. At 50th Avenue, the bridge lanes and the standard lanes merged/diverged, with the bridge touching down in the middle of the street.

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