If only they picked up after in their rooms like...

If only they picked up after in their rooms like…

Like piranhas to a cow in the Amazon River, the children of LIC picked the grass in Gantry Park clean of eggs in under a minute.  In three waves they came. in three waves they conquered.  Sure, there was some jostling, and an occasional trampling, but in greatest abundance were smiles.

A big “Thank you” to the Trinity Grace Church Queens for initiating and putting on this event.  In addition to money, it takes a lot of manpower every year to pull this off, both during the event, prior to in setting it up. and in the preceding weeks arranging it.  They have brought a great tradition to the neighborhood.

//Summer Camp – this is the time of year when parents are finalizing their plans for summer camp for their kids.  For those unaware, possibly the biggest bargain of all is offered just south of us in Williamsburg at the GWYSL Soccer Camp.  Starting at $200 for a single week and going down in price for multi-week packages, you shouldn’t feel guilty about the possibility of sending your kid away there for a year.

//Vote to put a canopy over Hunters Point South Playground – Participatory Voting this Saturday in the Gantry Plaza near the Library Bus from noon – 3pm

Can Piranhas Really Strip a Cow to the Bone In a Minute?yes, as long as it’s accompanied by a well-aged bordeaux

GWYSL Summer Campsign-up soon

7-Story Office/Warehouse Facility Sells for $195 Millionlocated off the beaten path1, it’s main tenant the NYC Housing Authority, may see its rent quadruple when it’s lease expires in 2020

MoMA PS1 Spring Open HouseSunday, April 3 w/ Cao Fei and The Notorious MSG doing “Straight out of Canton.”  Clever no?

  1. except close to a subway []
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