Where might this Dickensian factory reside?

The destiny of the country is determined here

The weekend is here, let’s dispense with the heavy topics of real estate and affordable housing and script a nice puff piece.  Did you know that Long Island City is home to the largest fortune cookie factory in the United States?  Neither did I until reading the LIC wiki in search of a story to write today.

Apparently it cranks out 4 million fortune cookies a day, which is a lot of fortunes.  Hmm, I wonder if they’re looking for anyone local to help write copy?  Anyway, from the outside, the factory looks a bit Dickensian, and the actual neighborhood it resides in is aesthetically, and somewhat literally, a far cry from Hunters Point and Court Square.  Nevertheless, looks aren’t everything, because inside toil the clairvoyants whose every word has a greater impact on the fate of America than those emanating from the White House.  Ironically, they can’t do much for anyone in Long Island City who’s entering the HPS lottery, so here’s my chance: Zhù nǐ háoyùn!

Long Island City Wikichock full of facts

Cookie MasterThe New Yorker takes a look at its literary competition: the fortune cookie scribe of LIC

Report: Rents Flattening Out in Queens ‘Gold Coast’ aka LIC.  Hmm, they may be flattening out in Court Square, but I believe TF Cornerstone’s Center Blvd residents have been seeing decent rent hikes recently.

Jackpot?  Hunters Point South Lotto Begins Todaylove how the headline is phrased, inside “Winners won’t take home a multi-million dollar jackpot, but those who snag an affordable unit at Hunter’s Point South may feel like they’ve done just that”

Affordable Units at HPS Start at $494love the headline II

Long-awaited Lottery to Begin for HPS’ Affordable Towers – “It’s the real estate equivalent of finding the golden ticket.”

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