The Long Island City Youth Sports League made its debut in 2015

The Long Island City Youth Sports League made its debut in 2015


Two days into winter and it feels like …anything but winter.  Nevertheless I can feel the days lengthening as cocktail hour starts three minutes later tonight.  Joy to the world!

//Thanks to Amazon 2-Hour Delivery, it’s never too late to submit your Xmas List.  As it turns out, 3 out of the 4 items I requested for the community two years ago, have yet to be gifted.  Substitute a “Community Center” for the fourth item, and through the magic of linkage here’s my gently-used 2015 Xmas List for LIC.

//7-Train to Be Shut Down for Eight Weekends in 2016 – just in the nick of time, the MTA has delivered everyone in Long Island City a Christmas present: free shuttle buses to Queensboro Plaza!  Yes, it’s the annual ritual that gets residents up-in-arms and leading to finger-pointing and name-calling.  Happy New Year!

The 7-train will be closed on the following weekends in 2016:

Jan 23/Mar 19/Apr 2 & 16/Oct 22 & 29/Nov 12 & 19

7-Line Major Service Changes 2016the where, when, and WHY straight from the MTA, no Who’s though

Arris Loft Apartment Nets a Cool $3 Million“the sale price is the highest in Court Square for 2015.”

LIC Cabbie Garage Sold for $69 Milnear Queens Plaza, 270M buildable sq ft = $254 a sq ft

Fire Breaks Out on LIC Construction Site After Crews Hit Gas Lineno harm, no foul

Behind the Scenes of Cornell Technion Constructionthe fully evinced structures will be a big change to the LIC skyline/sightlines in 2016

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