They're lining up for beer even when it's not free

They’re lining up for beer even when it’s not free

Sunday, May 10 is Mother’s Day this year.  It’s also the day that Queens Beer Week begins, and to do so they are holding a kick-off party at LIC Landing on the river.  Yikes!  Which one do I attend?  Mom in suburbs, beer right here.  No contest.  Yikes!  The party is sold out.  No problem, every other sucker who grabbed the free tickets is surely of greater moral stock than I (I hope),  so they should be desperate for party-goers on the big day and I’ll be able to waltz right up to the bar and guzzle straight from the taps.  As for the rest of ya’s, say “hi” to mom and check out the beer week events occurring on the following six days.

Next month is also the expected opening for the LIC Beer Project, as yet another brewery will call LIC home.  According to the Queens Courier it will be a 5,500 square foot facility just north of the bridge, with a tasting room and food.  “Hi Mom, sorry about last Sunday, but there’s this great new place in LIC that I really want to take you to and…”

//From unhealthy to very healthy, did you know LIC has a CSA, as in Community-Supported-Agriculture?  Get fresh vegetables and/or fruit delivered to you every week from the Golden Earthworm, an organic farm out in Riverhead.  There are a few slots left and a little time to sign up for the season which begins on May 26.

//The LIC Partnership held their annual Real Estate Breakfast yesterday.  Unlike previous years, not a lot was revealed, and maybe that’s a sign of LIC no longer being a mystery.  Two points of interest did strike me though.  First of all, Matthew Baron of Simon-Baron, the developers of the Paragon Paint Building (aka The Big Green Monster of Vernon) said he’d like to maintain the aesthetic of the old manufacturing look and not just erect another glassy tower.  Secondly, when asked what he thought could derail the NYC RE growth story, worried that the city was becoming too expensive for recent college grads and they may no longer look to come to New York.  That’s something I’ve heard from quite a few young people, who have chosen cities like Dallas and Denver over NY and SF.  At least we still have the Chinese…

Queens Beer Week WebsiteQueens Beer Week, say no more!

New LIC Brewery To Open Taproom Featuring Experimental Beersbeer experiment?  Where was this in high school chemistry?

LIC Project Facebook Page

Hunters Point CSA Information Pagesign up ends May 1

LIC Partnership Crunches Numbers At Annual Real Estate Breakfastsee below, that pretty much sums it up

LIC Condo Prices Pass $1,000 a Square Foot in Q1probably still not expensive

LIC Is No Longer a Value Play the secret’s out

Two New Condo Buildings Coming to Rental Heavy Hunters Point This Springcondos here, get your condos here

Save Queens From City Hallsaving the best, or at least most provocative, for last: “5 p.m. April 30, a week from today. That’s when the city will stop accepting comments on Mayor de Blasio’s rezoning plan, the one under which he wants to cram more and more residents into communities that are already jam-packed, with infrastructure that needs upgrading.”



  1. alicia cohen says:

    work all week out the house by 4;;30 save where we can don’t take my wife on any dates at ball but she misses Seattle where she could get a a decent beer without it costing an arm and a lung! CAN YOU HELP US HERE THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A SUDS OR DIAMONDS TO MAKE A WOMAN FEEL LIKE SHE ISWORTH HER WEIGHT IN IN GOLD !

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