Oh look what came out of its shell

Greenpoint Fish & Lobster …in Long Island City

It was a quiet Labor Day weekend in town, though given the heavy police presence in the waterfront parks – probably in light of a recent incident –  one may have thought there was a J’Ouvert “celebration” occurring. That and construction noise/crews pouring concrete for the new pre-K center were the only stirrings.

September is now here, and we have a new fish market, a new deli/cafe coming to Court Square, the closing of the Beer Closet (again), a new bbq joint, and news that Chipotle will be opening.  Wait, is the actual opening date of a Chipotle really newsworthy these days? While the initial report of an establishment entering certain types of neighborhoods certainly is – and one should give props to those who break it, no one’s going to flock to a Chipotle just to see what it’s all about it.  Not in 2016 anyway!  Unlike say, the first stand-alone fish monger in a foodie-starved given locale.

Oh well, seems like all the news was quite tepid in our absence.

//This Wednesday, September 7, is the Frank Tempone Community Service Leader Awards and Fashion-Forward Extravaganza sponsored by the Long Island City YMCA at the Z Hotel from 6-8pm.  Let’s face it people, most of you aren’t getting into the tents at Fashion Week, nor will you ever receive an invite to the Espy’s.  And you definitely won’t even hear about an event that brings together the best of both of them …at least not so close to your abode.1  So once again, I recommend you spring for the $25 bucks to see what it’s all about, mix it up, and check out the inside of the Z-Hotel.

Frank Tempone Soireeclick here for tix and hang w/ VIP’s

New York Gets a New Helping of Barbecue – see NYT pic of Mothership Meat Company

Baker House Market Set to Open on Crescent Streetthis has gotta be the place to get fresh-baked crescent rolls, right?

Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Opens Sustainable Seafood Market in LICI doubt the fish in the case find it very sustainable

Tasty Brazilian and Peruvian Bites Boost LIC – The Daily News spotlights three more interesting ethnic joints

Oro, Italian Restaurant w/ An Interesting Twist, Opens in LICnot to mention a night club, located in Queens Plaza just north of the bridge

Now and Then: 8 Before and After Images Reveal LIC’s Impressive Growthsee the magic

Preparation Starts For 17-Story Extension on Pre-War Building in Queens Plazabuilders gonna build

79-Story Tower Developer Refi’s Project w/ $100 Mil Loan from Bank of ChinaI still put the odds of this one being built at less than 50%

JBL Buys LIC Site for $25 Mil, Plans Big Box Storedon’t get too excited as lot seems too small for all the necessary parking needed

Revealed: Hunters Point Duplex Conversion on 47th Aveout w/ the old, in with the new

Signage Up at 12-17 Jackson Aveaka the empty space next to Kumon

  1. though I do imagine some of the ‘get-togethers’ at Derek Jeter’s penthouse in the Trump Tower right across the river would qualify, but like I said, you won’t be hearing about them []
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  1. Summer N says:

    It was “quiet” as in Quiet Events! There was this wonderful headphone party at LIC Landing on Sunday night this past weekend with three live DJ’s and tons of dancing; and the great news is, they’re hosting two more events in September/October. Google Quiet Events and look at their schedule. I am hoping our local blogger and family show up to cover the next event!1 🙂

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