Photographed by Nick Knight circa 2003

Photographed by Nick Knight circa 2003

Will it, won’t it, snow that is.  That’s the big story here in LIC at this moment.  Will we, won’t we, get a new school?  That’s a big story here in LIC for the long term, but two educators from other parts are looking to possibly change that, or at least accelerate it.  Michael Holtgrave and Claudia Wissner both have extensive experience teaching in NYC and worldwide.  Now they are considering opening their own school here in LIC, and will be holding three information sessions in the neighborhood over the next two weeks to detail more about the type of school they are planning, and to gauge interest.  In the meantime, you can click on their website below to learn more about the school.  The sessions are being held at The Oracle Club on 47th Avenue, a venue for writers and artists that for me anyway, has an air of mystery about it.  Every time I pass it I feel like I’m being left out of some “Eyes Wide Shut” happenings.  Oh well, you won’t need a secret password, so go see for yourself on these dates and times:

  • Thursday, January 28 @ 7.30pm
  • Saturday, January 30 @ 11am
  • Wednesday, February 3 @ 7.30pm

//Dutch Kills gets a supermarket.  Thanks to a heads-up on Tenant King, I noticed that there’s a new supermarket that opened on 21st Street just north of the bridge.  Green Apple Supermarket is located at 38-50 21st Street and so far the reviews are good.

//SING LIC – did you know there’s a local children’s choir for kids in grades pre-K thru 4th?  It’s Wednesday afternoons and the Spring semester begins February 10.  For more info and to sign up, click on the link below.

//Baseball: it’s the middle of January and most sports fans are focused on this Sunday’s NFL conference championship games.  Nevertheless, snow notwithstanding, Spring will be here before you know it and for those kids interested in playing baseball, the time to start planning for it is now.  With that in mind, there is a team in Greenpoint/Williamsburg, that’s looking for a few bodies.  Specifically, boys in 7th and 8th grades (maybe 6th too).  The St. Stans Eagles play in the CYO League in McCarren Park from early April to early June. Practice and sign-ups start Saturday, January 30 in the gym at St. Stan’s. It’s only $100 and in addition to coaching, games with umpires, field permits, etc., you also get a free uniform, which at Yankee Stadium would probably cost over $300 alone!  There’s an arbitrage there, take advantage of it, or at least let applicable kids know about it.  They are more than happy to have participants from LIC on the team.  For more information, contact Joe Pascarella at

Copernicus International Schoolthe who, what, when, where, and most importantly why of the potential new school

SING LICaka the LIC children’s choir

New Graffiti Mural Project Hits LIC from ‘Top to Bottom’cool article all about the new graffiti’d building on 21st Street gets my ‘Top’ billing

Sculpture Center Unveils Three Separate Showcases This Weekendopening is this Saturday night from 6-8pm and seems open to all.  Free beer makes it a close second. Snow or no snow per twitter, so put on those boots

Strippers Win $200K From LIC Strip Club – we’ll include any story about strippers in LIC – any, here at Fox-owned LICtalk.  Otherwise this is meaningless

LIC Residents Praise New Park at Paragon Paint Site Planand gets some flack from a few detractors on Community Board 2

Litter Capture Tech for Newtown Creek$30 mil for clean water

Crescent Club Residential Building Sold for $97 milno liquidity problems here, it’s the 3rd owner in 5 years for this 130-unit ppty near Queens Plaza

Smiling Hogshead Ranch Fights to Keep Landtoo bad they don’t raise hogs

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