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Live from LIC, it’s Hizzonner!


FRIDAY afternoon around 6:30pm a helicopter plopped down on the oval.  No emergency this, it was actually our Mayor choosing the fastest route between point A (in this case Park Slope via Prospect Park), and B (LIC).  The pic above, which I believe to be the only one of his arrival, was sent to us shortly after it occurred with a note basically asking ‘WTF?’  By the time I viewed it in my inbox yesterday1 the mystery guest was still unknown, but in the ensuing hours a media frenzy erupted over de Blasio’s use of this mode of transport, so I figured I’d chime in too, especially given my local slant and exclusive photo.

While I’m not overly agitated about the need for speed by the Mayor, and Continue reading

  1. The Editor faithfully observes the triple sabbath: Fri/Sat/Sun …just in case []
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