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Huge 48th Avenue Retail Space Comes to Market in LIC

The Zipper Building LIC

Got a few million to spare and already own a home in LIC?  Maybe you should take a shot on a local investment property then.  Several different types of opportunities are currently available on the Modern Spaces website. Most significant is the ground floor retail space in the Zipper Building on 48th Avenue offered as a condominium.  This gut renovation has been a construction site for at least a decade, but is finally looking to be coming to a close, or maybe an opening, after changing hands several times over the years.  The retail portion is  being offered as a condominium with 10,400 square feet on the ground level and an additional 5,000 in the basement, 18′ ceilings and large windows.  It thus has the potential to be the most prominent retail space in Hunters Point. Continue reading

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The Gutter LIC

BE careful what you wish for” was the advice I doled out back in November upon the initial opposition to HQ2 coming to LIC.  With the appointment this week of our State Senator Mike Gianaris as one of only three voting members of a board – any of whom can veto the Amazon deal – Gianaris now owns whether this deal can be negotiated to his liking, or if Amazon walks.  In doing so I hope that he is taking into consideration all of his constituents and not just pandering to that au courant segment of his political party that seems to be grabbing headlines the past few months.

It’s quite a turn in the spotlight for the Senator, who like most local officials Continue reading

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