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Huge 48th Avenue Retail Space Comes to Market in LIC

The Zipper Building LIC

Got a few million to spare and already own a home in LIC?  Maybe you should take a shot on a local investment property then.  Several different types of opportunities are currently available on the Modern Spaces website. Most significant is the ground floor retail space in the Zipper Building on 48th Avenue offered as a condominium.  This gut renovation has been a construction site for at least a decade, but is finally looking to be coming to a close, or maybe an opening, after changing hands several times over the years.  The retail portion is  being offered as a condominium with 10,400 square feet on the ground level and an additional 5,000 in the basement, 18′ ceilings and large windows.  It thus has the potential to be the most prominent retail space in Hunters Point. Continue reading

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Hobnobbing at the Ravel

Hobnobbing at the Ravel Hotel

THIS time last year as I was exiting the LIC Partnership’s Annual Real Estate Breakfast, I went to grab one final danish for the road when a gravelly voice from behind the buffet advised “Leave the danish, take the cake.”  That cake happened to be a slice of the signature mille-crepe gateau from Lady M Confections, which you can purchase whole for eighty bucks at one of their ultra-high end boutiques in Manhattan or in numerous upscale locales worldwide (there’s a real affinity for it in Asia!?!).  Yet it was manufactured on a quiet side street in Long Island City.

I share that anecdote because through no fault of the LIC Partnership, both real estate and confabs about it in Long Island City have increasingly focused on the commercial side as opposed to residential, a trend I noted two years ago.

In fact, the LICP acknowledged this change in opening comments this morning, and it’s why the local panel of speakers Continue reading

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Where's the guy with the inside scoop?

Where’s the guy with the inside scoop?

SO, the annual LIC Partnership Real Estate Breakfast took place this morning.  There is not a lot to share.  While it’s still a great event to network at and meet the big local RE players – many of whom were in attendance, the presentation and panel were a little stale.  Now in fairness, I’m not sure there’s much meat left on the bone in terms of the LIC transformation.  At this point we can tangibly see a lot of the growth, and that which is on the drawing boards has already been revealed.  Furthermore, there are few, if any, undiscovered gems, as most landowners are aware of what’s going on, some a little too optimistically.

In light of this, the LICP Breakfast line-up needs some pizzazz.  Might I suggest Continue reading



Admit that the waters around you have grown

Admit that the waters around you have grown

A new beer hall is coming to the Blanchard Building on Borden Avenue according to Patrick Sweeney of Related Companies, which is the new owner of the building.  This information was buried in an article in yesterday’s New York Times about how the fashion industry has been gobbling up commercial space in LIC to the extent that it very well may become the second coming of the garment center, or actually replace it all-together.  We’re happy to mine the crumbs of this esteemed newspaper to wring a great headline1- even if unlike the NYT we can’t get a call back from Related.  We’re also very happy to have yet another tremendous beer offering coming to LIC.

//I’d also be very happy to be acknowledged by said newspaper as being Continue reading

  1. and scoop? []
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The only thing in LIC that has nothing to do w/ Real Estate ...or schools ...or pizza

The only thing in LIC that has nothing to do w/ real estate …or schools …or pizza

Real estate recaptures the headlines this week.  Notably the LIC Partnership held it’s 11th Annual Real Estate Breakfast this morning.  I’ve noted before how it’s always a sold out crowd, and how it’s become more about networking1 than knowledge, as the rest of the city/planet has caught up with the Long Island City phenomenon since I first started reporting on this event four breakfasts ago.  Thus it’s largely a victim of its own success.

If there was one theme that seemed to stand out Continue reading

  1. this years attendees included Melinda Katz and Carolyn Maloney – who like most politicians have a nose for constituents and money developers []
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