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So many lives

So many lives

Oh look, they're rolled out the red carpet for you

…and today you can relive them all

Gonna leave this brokedown palace
On my hands and my knees, I will roll, roll, roll

A half block north of the Queensbridge Houses, where Ravenswood abruptly turns into a warehouse and industrial zone, sits Paretti Hall.  As pictured above, it’s appearance is considerably more august than that of it’s neighbors, and it has a history to match.  Who exactly was James J. Paretti and what was his “Association” are lost to the sands of time.  In fact the building’s precise history is not fully verifiable.  So we’ll take some artistic license and piece together the snippets of others to paint a tale of intrigue in what is otherwise a non-descript area.1 Continue reading

  1. albeit one that has the requisite new 10-story hotel going up 100 feet north, but otherwise wilderness …as the hotel patrons will find out []
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