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Going down the ruta and feelin’ bad

Goin’ where the chilly winds don’t blow
Goin’ where the chilly winds don’t blow
Goin’ where those chilly winds don’t blow
I don’t want to be treated this away

IF ever I give consideration to opening a restaurant in LIC/NYC, I need but utter three words to myself and the inspiration will instantly dissipate: Mothership Meat Company.  The lengthy timetable for getting this restaurant open in Dutch Kills is enough to crush any prospect of a decent IRR, not to mention a BBQ-lover’s soul.

Thus, I have decided to list all three returnees from last year in the Coming Soon category as opposed to the “Not-So-Soon” category in the hopes that their dreams, and ours, will be realized.

Despite Amazon’s not-so-imminent arrival and the bounty of retail space being created at the ground level of the many towers going up, there have been surprisingly Continue reading

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