Going down the ruta and feelin’ bad

Goin’ where the chilly winds don’t blow
Goin’ where the chilly winds don’t blow
Goin’ where those chilly winds don’t blow
I don’t want to be treated this away

IF ever I give consideration to opening a restaurant in LIC/NYC, I need but utter three words to myself and the inspiration will instantly dissipate: Mothership Meat Company.  The lengthy timetable for getting this restaurant open in Dutch Kills is enough to crush any prospect of a decent IRR, not to mention a BBQ-lover’s soul.

Thus, I have decided to list all three returnees from last year in the Coming Soon category as opposed to the “Not-So-Soon” category in the hopes that their dreams, and ours, will be realized.

Despite Amazon’s not-so-imminent arrival and the bounty of retail space being created at the ground level of the many towers going up, there have been surprisingly few restaurants announced.  In fact more notable have been the closures of late, most recently the Greek-themed Kavala, longtime Jackson Avenue Asian fusion stalwart BANY,  SugarCube, a dessert specialist, and Green Street Korean BBQ.  Nevertheless hope springs eternal in ’19.



Adda – I haven’t seen this much love by the press for a restaurant since M Wells opened their original diner on 49th Ave in 2010

Luzzo – pizza & more in Court Square

Massa’s – pizza & more in Queensboro Plaza



Mothership Meat Company – ???

R40 – don’t cry for me Argentina, first noted in June 2017 , based on Vernon Blvd exterior looking real close

X’ian Famous Foods – Spring 2019, first noted in January 2018



American Bistro on Center Blvd – from the owners of Maiella, not surprising it took longer than expected due to much-needed gut renovation.  Work crews working diligently though…

Murray’s Cheese & Restaurant – sign says Spring, DOB says…

The Shannon Pot Bar n Grill – we were the first to note the new location back in August, since then they’ve installed a sign, not sure of the rest

Chef Dan Kluger – the Loring Place (Greenwich Village) chef will be opening a 5,000 sq ft restaurant in the JACX office building on Jackson Ave and Queens Plaza in Spring 2020

Food Court in JACX – Spring 2020


//IN more restaurant news, Casa Enrique earned two stars from Pete Wells in The New York Times today:

Without Really Changing, Casa Enrique Keeps Getting Better

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