Long Island City: Where Manhattan Goes For The Arts

Long Island City: Where Manhattan goes for the arts

The first thing that comes to mind when combining the word “chocolate” with performance art is Karen Finley.  My second thought upon seeing “Chocolate Factory” spelled out is a little more obvious: ‘Oompa-Loompa.’  Neither really have much to do with the The Chocolate Factory in Long Island City, but every time I pass the theater’s entrance on 49th Avenue it’s the first two things I think about.  What is relevant is how lucky we are to have it right here in LIC.  I mean let’s face it, this kind of theater, whether you call it avant-garde, experimental, or performance art, no longer exists in Manhattan south of 96th Street.  These guys were pioneers though, they had the good sense to come to Hunters Point, one stop from Midtown and one block from the 7 train. Thus it makes me inclined to trust their curatorial skills too, especially since they have a cool logo.  And it seems the New York Times would agree, having favorably profiled the owners two years ago, and having given a rave review to their latest show.  Despite that, one must keep in mind that this is not broadway theater, where everything is fully vetted, financed, and primarily aimed at Aunt Milly from Topeka.  I have dragged numerous acquaintances to avant-garde shows and they can really be hit or miss.  Think of it like investing in stocks: you can buy the S&P 500 Index and take what the market gives you, or you can risk it all on an individual company.  Which means you may have chosen Apple Computer in 2005. or Enron in 1999.  You never know until the end of the performance, and that is part of the thrill.  If you hit it really right, maybe you can be the one who says “I saw the Beatles at the Cavern Club before they were…” And who knows, maybe the performers take all their clothes off.  Maybe the audience starts taking it’s clothes off too.  Now that would really be like Broadway, …circa 1973.

Urinetownwhat can be more avant-garde than a musical entitled “Urinetown?”  And it’s playing right here in LIC this weekend!

Frostbite 2013watch others exercise and compete in the cold, then head down the block to LIC Bar to reconsider your New Years resolution

LIC Crane Picked Up Too Large A Load: DOB

LIC Office Rents Hit 10 Year High we have been following and calling this trend for the past year.  Tune in here to LICtalk for all your local real estate news and analysis.

Hampshire Properties sells 450M Sq Ft Building for $85 Millionreveals the seller of the sale we told you about on Tuesday


  1. Paul says:

    The crane still has not budged, there hasn’t been any activity there since the accident.

  2. CL says:

    Hey Editor – you really have a predilection for nudity

  3. anony mouse says:

    Sadly, the artists in LIC are slowly being chipped away due to gentrification. Case in point: 5Pointz slated demolition.

  4. Paul says:

    They finally started dissecting the fallen crane on Center Blvd.

  5. Anonymous Bosch says:

    Hey CL – picture this: naked oompa loompas smothering themselves in chocolate!

  6. […] and in return for cribbing, I’ll also share that The Chocolate Factory Theater has its 10th Anniversary this week when it opens its season tomorrow night with a new show called […]

  7. […] Inc., a stone supplier, for the 2018-2019 season.  I imagine acquiring a new home will allow the Chocolate Factory to largely stay the course in terms of avant garde programming, which leaves only two questions lingering: 1) who/what will come into their existing space? and 2) […]

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