The Sounds of Silence in the summer

The Sounds of Silence in the summer

The Chocolate Factory Theater has scored a golden ticket and secured a permanent home for $3.8 million with financial help from the NYC government according to The New York Times.  Currently located on 49th Avenue in Hunters Point, the theater will be moving into a 7,500 SF single story brick building at 38-29 24th Street in Dutch Kills, for now the home of Earth Stone Design Inc., a stone supplier, for the 2018-2019 season.  I imagine acquiring a new home will allow the Chocolate Factory to largely stay the course in terms of avant garde programming, which leaves only two questions lingering: 1) who/what will come into their existing space? and 2) did the founders get to crash the Glass Elevator thru the ceiling and soar above the towers of Long Island City?

Chocolate Factory Theater Finds a Permanent Home in LIC“The opportunity to create a permanent home in this very challenging city, in the neighborhood we love, and to support the work of groundbreaking artists for years to come, is the fulfillment of a dream.”

LIC Gets a New Rooftop Pool …at The Ravel Hotel$50 for a day pass, $400 for a poolside daybed? I’ll take the pond.  See the pics for yourself

Men Choke, Rob Food Delivery Workers in LIC/Astoriathe poor robbing the poor

New LIC Condo ‘The Galerie’ Will Launch Sales This Fallit’ll have a pool, and a porte-cochere, LIC’s first!


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