The Doctor to you, Moitri to me

“Star Wars” starring Dr. Moitri Savard

Did you know there’s a doctor that both works and lives in Long Island City?  Dr. Moitri Savard is a family doctor specializing in adult, pediatric, and gynecological care; and the founder of QueensWest Health & Wellness Center on 50th Avenue.  Though she started practicing here in 2006, she took over the whole space in 2009, and the Center is now comprised of eight individuals specializing in things such as physical therapy, nutrition, and acupuncture.   Dr. Savard shares the family medicine duties with her former roommate from medical school, Dr. Suzanne Cole, and the practice is affiliated with New York Presbyterian/Cornell in Manhattan, and Mt. Sinai Queens out here.  In addition, because they utilize Ideal Medical Practices,  the two doctors can spend more time with each of their patients.

You can read all about how Dr. Savard, or Moitri to most people in LIC, came to our ‘hood, in the story below(see link).  As her family was featured in the NYT’s “The Hunt” real estate column shortly after they moved here.  But her fifteen minutes of fame and busy medical practice aside, what might be most interesting to readers of LICtalk, is that Moitri is on Community Board 2.  Now that 5Pointz is over with, she told us about other current issues facing the ‘hood.

Schools: 8,000 new residents expected in the ‘hood over the next few years, and no elementary schools being planned.

7-Train: The MTA’s refusal to run a bus directly into Manhattan through the Midtown Tunnel on weekends when the 7-train isn’t running, despite their not having to even fund it!

Film Crews: It’s not the proximity to Manhattan and the Queens Studios that brings them to our ‘hood, nor is it the view.  It’s the fact that there are no parking regulations to restrict their being able to do so.  Street cleaning has been a crusade of Moitri’s in the past.  We were the first to write about it a year ago, but opted not to stoke the fires about this controversial local topic for the sole purposes of boosting our own circulation and publicity.  But Moitri did impart a jab at  the airport parkers: those who leave their cars here for weeks or months because it’s a lot cheaper than parking at the airport.

5th Street: Some day it will be one-way, and possibly have speed bumps.

Well, that pretty much brings you all up to date on everything going on in the neighborhood, and now you know who to stop on the street and ask “I’ve got this — on my — …”  Thank you Moitri.

Two PSA’s for the ‘hood:

Town Meeting w/ State Senator Mike Gianaris – Wednesday, November 13 from 7-8pm at the Irish Center

Queens Library Fall Festival – Sunday, November 17, 11am-2pm, at the LIC Community Garden on 49th Ave. – book readings, book giveaways, arts & crafts, etc.

QueensWest Health and Wellness“Integrating service for better results.”

The Early Bird Catches the Condoall about how Moitri and her family ended up in the ‘hood per The New York Times

Queens Now Home to Four Breweries, With Two More in the Works“too much of everything is just enough”

8 thoughts on “THE DOCTOR IN THE ‘HOOD

  1. Anonymous says:

    We’re lucky to have Dr. Moitri in the hood, she’s a great citizen, doctor, parent and person.

  2. Anonymous says:

    agreed on 5 th street needing to be one way as well as 47th rd
    by the food cellar

    the block is too narrow for 2 way traffic

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure she is a wonderful woman and good for her for getting on the Community Board. But this posting is rather thin. She raises issues related to transit, exploding population and one roadway, but there’s no real substantial discussion about solutions. Any casual observer of LIC would have much more to say about those issues and more. I think you could have dug a little deeper here.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow – Unless you are a journalism professor addressing a student you are being a bit harsh on this post. You do realize you are reading a blog and not watching 60 minutes? Get over yourself or start your own “in depth” LIC blog. I suspect you won’t and will just continue to point out flaws (which i am sure you have none of). I am sure you are a very pleasant person to have a conversation with.

    To the author: Thanks for the information. I found it interesting. I too wondered why the MTA doesn’t bus us into Manhattan. Glad to hear those with an actual voice are asking the same questions.

  5. Anonymous says:

    5th street should remain 2-way. narrow streets with 2-lane traffic ensures cars move slowly.

  6. Ro says:

    I tend to agree that two way traffic does slow cars down. I think the bigger problem is that there needs to be more stop sign and traffic rule enforcement.

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