Poke is out, haircuts at Ledo are in

Poke is out, haircuts at Ledo are in

WE have heard from a pretty good source that Top Chef Season 7 runner-up Ed Cotton will be opening a restaurant in the former Masso space on Vernon Boulevard.  Cotton has worked under numerous famous chefs such as Daniel Boulud, Laurent Tourondel, and David Burke.  More importantly, he’s lived in LIC since 2010.  I don’t know if he’ll be maintaining the quaint Masso decor, but I’ve got to believe given his provenance that we’ll see a big upgrade to the food.  Stay tuned…

//I have stayed far removed from the this week’s PS78Q election and the battle leading up to it.  The only thing I will say, and this sentiment was expressed by someone supporting the team that didn’t win, is that now that it’s over we need to come together to do what is in the best interest of the school. 

Oh wait, maybe I am going to offer my two cents on this.  The role of the PTA is first and foremost raising $ (in return for taking on that role and the time commitment involved – one that previously apathetic parents like myself shunned – the members are also entitled to determine how to spend that $).  Three years ago I expressed my opinion as to how this should now be done given the tremendous socio-economic change in the neighborhood (a good read for those interested).

Nevertheless my own apathy and removal in terms of cutting a check, despite the logic that I put forth for doing so, might be due to the psychological worry I have over being what the Israeli’s call a ‘frayer’:

It means “sucker” or “mark,” in the sense that somebody is a sucker if he goes along with the rules when nobody else is following them. A frayer is a kind of sucker on steroids: The one who is taken advantage of, the one who leaves money on the table and the one who follows the rules to his own detriment.

More importantly when it comes to giving to the PTA, one wonders if everyone else is to the same extent?  Or might they be thinking (incorrectly per my opinion) “I’m a frayer to give to public school after I gave 50 percent of my income in taxes? Am I a frayer to pay for what the government should be doing?” and most relevantly “How many others are contributing?”

Win, lose, or draw, in a neighborhood such as this everyone should be giving something, and the majority should probably be giving ‘the ask.’  Implementing this and enforcing it is a job that’s battle-worthy.

//WHAT’S UP? – I’m thinking of adding a new category called “What’s Up” where I ponder what happened to something that we’ve written about in the past, like the Water’s Edge proposal.  Hopefully it’ll also pick up sponsorship, the most obvious candidate has me changing the name to Whatsapp, though Budweiser is a strong second if they want to revive their old Wazzup branding.  Or maybe this follow-up should go into the newly-formed-due-to-frequency “More Beer is Good” category. Anyway, there’s another brewery called ICONYC that’s opened nearby in that no-man’s land where LIC meets Astoria. Which spurred me to wonder What’s Up? with Fifth Hammer Brewing Co.  which was expected to open in late Spring?  To which co-founder Chris Cuzme replied:

“We’re making progress but of course expected inabilities to predict obstructive variables prove true. Hope springs eternal, as our hopes for Spring move to end of Summer/Fall.”

Awesome, now we’ve got two great destinations to look forward to!

Chef Ed Cotton’s Comfortable Queens LIC Kitchenwhat time’s dinner?

Ed Cotton’s Favorite LIC Restaurants is not Ed Cotton’s!  Actually this is from three years ago

Drink Beer at ICONYC Brewery’s New Taproom in Astoria…LIC?

PokeLICious No Longer in Business, Marshall Repossesses Propertytalk about a fleeting fad, they were open less than 6 months

Queens Leaders, Residents Call For Re-Opening of LIC Firehouse Engine Company 261 in Dutch Kills

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  1. michael says:

    love the website and commentary, but why label where Iconnyc in an area where it’s “no man’s land?”I live around this area and it has been LIC far longer than what “proper” LIC is now deemed. It’s a lovely blue collar area of Astoria/LIC with great people and much more of a “neighborhoody” feel than the sky scrapers of proper LIC. I have been to Iconnyc and it has no problem getting customers as it was packed when I went. Also, you probably don’t know but there is a decades old Croatian social club/ resto across the street from Iconnyc that serves some of the best croatian food at great prices in the city. Also directly next door to Iconyc is an authentic, great tasting taqueria called homemade taqueria. Fantastic Mexican food. I have been in Astoria/LIC/Woodside “no man’s land” for many decades and it is a fantastic little (actually not so little) hamlet. Don’t snub till you try it.

    • Kelly says:

      I agree. The place is in a great area. It was busy when we went, a bit expensive for the flight, I’d say, but awesome beer.

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