Live at The Gantries, BYO Dinner

Live at The Gantries, BYO Dinner

That’s right folks, according to Crain’s, LIC is about to get another destination restaurant.  Trattoria L’incontro, rated 27 in Zagat’s and the best restaurant in Queens, is coming to 4540 Center Boulevard.  Don’t go calling the restaurant in Astoria trying to book a reservation at their new location, because they’re playing dumb.  But according to the reporter at Crain’s, he heard it from the horses mouth: a guy named “Tom” at TF Cornerstone.  I have no idea on the timing, but I don’t expect to be  washing down my bucatini and seared veal chop with a magnum of Sassicaia before New Years.

While we’re on the local restaurant track, we checked in with Hibino, a Japanese restaurant coming to the southern end of Jackson Avenue.  As we surmised when first reporting about it in May, a rep from the restaurant told us that they haven’t even begun construction yet, and we shouldn’t expect anything before the fall.

In the meantime, SquareWine & Spirits at 2420 Jackson Avenue is having a free wine tasting tomorrow(Friday) night. Repeat free wine on Friday.  Afterwards, you can sleep it off on Jackson, and wake up at the crack of noon to still be the first reveler at the LIC Block Party, this Saturday, Noon-5pm, Purves St. @ Jackson.

SquareWine’s Summer Art Open 

THIS COMING FRIDAY, August 2nd, SquareWine & Spirits is proud to present the works of four local artists in our Summer Art Open.

The Met. The Louvre. The Guggenheim. SquareWine & Spirits.

The only difference is: free wine.

Join us on Friday, August 2nd from 6 – 9 PM for a showcase of great artwork (including pottery, painting, origami, and photography!) as well as a tasting of some summery Spanish wines that will stymie your sweltering. Come into our air conditioned store and schmooze, peruse, and drink free booze!

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  1. JP says:

    Another Italian restaurant, just what LIC really needs.

  2. […] restaurant Trattoria L’incontro is opening a second location at 4540 Center […]

  3. […] forward to last year when I caught wind that the chef of Trattoria L’incontro, Rocco Sacramone, was comin…, and all the memories came back.  Though he didn’t have the name recognition of those chefs […]

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