A whole lotta kabobing going on this Fall, or is it kebabing?

Astoria comes to LIC!

EPHARISTO, epharisto, epharisto, Vernon Grille in Hunters Point will open on October 11 according to its owner.  A look at its menu indicates Greek cuisine with more of an emphasis on meats than fish.  In addition there are some standard diner offerings as well.  Eventually they hope to be serving wine and beer but not on day 1.  The price points are moderate and the look is casual, so as long the food is good they should kill it in this neighborhood. Opa!


Vernon Grillesee the full menu and prices here

Where to Watch the Kosciuszko Bridge Get Blown to Pieces This Sundayafter a delay it will now happen this Sunday, October 1, at 8am

Long Island City High School Football Team Rebounds with Week 2 Victorywho needs the Giants and Jets this year?  Next home game this Sunday at noon

Breweries in Long Island City Are on the Riseper our previous post, Fifth Hammer Brewery taproom opens first week of October

Get a Rare View of LIC’s Massive Tiffany Glass CollectionOct. 14 & 15 in Hunters Point

Fundraiser For Breast Cancer Awareness on October 1by the oval in Hunters Point South.  Kids games and live Eagles Tribute Band cause you’re living life in the fast lane

Melinda Katz Proposes LIC for Amazon’s New HQ’sjust don’t give away the store to get it NYC

Permits Filed for 11-52 44th Drivewhereby a single story warehouse will morph into 8-story resi w/ 22 units

21-30 44th Drive Project Secures $83 Million Financing$83 mil to build 85 units and some retail?

When Will LIC’s Retail Arrive?yawn: old tune, retail is dead, & no one wants big-box anyway

Lecturer Travels Across Pond to Delve Into Jim Henson Collection at the Museum of Moving Image

Some in Queens Want Cabaret Law Axedmaybe soon I’ll be able to do the funky-chicken everywhere

NYC Orders Massive 350-passenger Ferry Boats for 2018this ferry-thing seems to be a hit

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  1. Natalie says:

    The cigarettes in the photo above says it all. I’ve watched groups of people chain smoking in there everyday for the past month having meetings etc… those are not people who care about the quality of and have pride in there brand new space. The menu is also very highly priced for standard fare and all over the place as far as what they are offering, from the awnings to the decor this place doesn’t look promising.

    • Big Pat says:

      Great quality food, amazing staff, fabulous location. LIC got lucky, despite what salty Natalie had to say up there!

  2. Stephen T. says:

    Giant tv, check. Orange soda stocked, check. Cheesy Long Island diner decor, check. Casa Enrique prices, wait what?
    This place is a disaster waiting to happen. Why cant we have nice things on Vernon?

  3. Anonymous says:

    in response to the above comments I feel compelled to mention that I feel it’s always best to have a wait and see attitude. In regards to cigarette smoking, yes, it’s wrong but when this was written, they were not open and no food was on the premises. In regards to cheesy decor, it’s a Greek restaurant and they’re not professing to be fine dining and in regards to the prices, I can only imagine what the rent there is. I’ve been waiting for a Gyro type of place in the neighborhood and will reserve my judgement until they’re open, have tasted their food and see how i’m treated. On a larger scale, as a community, high turnover doesn’t help it can only hurt. Let’s see if the glass is half full before we rush to be cynical with half empty discouraging remarks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely love this place!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood!

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