SilverCups back lot also in LIC

SilverCups back lot …is also in LIC

Have you noticed the huge film crew on 5th Street in Hunters Point this week?  Given the size and the staging, it’s definitely not here to film an episode of some dramedy on a third tier cable channel.  Whatever it is, I probably wouldn’t recognize the names of any of the stars today anyway, unlike say Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall, or Linda Lovelace.  I mean it’s not like the memorable movies of yesteryear, such as The Planet of the Apes.  Which of course was filmed in LIC.

Well not quite filmed, but the seminal scene from the sequel, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, took place in Queensboro Plaza.  Or should I say “will take place?” in a few centuries.  Yeah, that’s right, will take place right here in LIC!  Because as any time traveler will know, in the not-too-distant-future LIC will be the center of the universe.  And everything in Planet of the Apes did happen, or will happen, or something like that.

See for yourself and have an “Apes” marathon this long weekend.  It’s the perfect antidote for a cold 3-day weekend when your private jet’s in for servicing.  Plus, it’s the forerunner to today’s Hollywood studio “franchise” theory, where the economics of new movies make it more worthwhile to tack on sequels ad nauseam than coming up with something new.  Moreover, if you get it right, the ancillary sales of action figures, lunch boxes, and tv spinoffs eventually eclipse box office receipts anyway.

Talking about  sequels, Mu Ramen has found a permanent home near 48th and Jackson.  Mm-mm, hopefully we won’t have to wait centuries for it to open.

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  1. Anonymous Bosch says:

    From zero to two Japanese restaurants in Hunters Point in a heartbeat!

  2. Ally says:

    Does anyone know what film it was that they were filming here this week? Any stars?

  3. […] publication, because we uncovered this story back in the depths of the bitter cold winter.  Read all about it here.  Someday, when the ”Planet” prophesies have come to be realized, will LIC be where […]

  4. kyle says:

    Just saw Kick Ass 2 on netflix – quite a few scenes shot in LIC! The villain of the movie has his headquarters on Center Blvd apparently. I guess they really wanted the Manhattan skyline in the background on some of the fight scenes.

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