Not everyone wants there park to be waterside

Not everyone wants their parks surrounded by big towers

Hello real estate brokers of LIC, there is now a new neighborhood you need to make note of when addressing clients.  “I can get you 10% more than Court Square” when trying to rope in prospective listings, and aside hush-hush “About 10% less than Hunters Point” when persuading buyers and renters on the fence.

Ladies and Gentleman, LICtalk has officially designated the six rectangular blocks bounded by 44th Street on the north, 46th Avenue on the south, 11th Street to the West, and 23rd Street to the east, as the Murray Park District(MPD). 

In addition to all the residential construction going on or expected right on the park, including the 6-story Murray Park North, the 105-unit rental that just topped off on the northwest corner, the new townhouses expected on the southern side, MPD also includes the well-photographed and only block in LIC consisting solely of pre-war townhouses.  The only reference to Court Square the owners of this neighborhood really want, is it’s proximity to its subway station.

Finally, at the epicenter of it all, and as confirmation of its designation as a stand alone neighborhood, there is soon to be a new Dunkin’ Donuts.

//There’s more on Murray Park coming, stay tuned as we get to part II next week, but now it’s time to share an event.  This Thursday, November 13, between 7pm and 8:30, Tenant King is holding a mixer just for the residents of Long Island City at Sweetleaf on Center Boulevard.  Hold on, because here’s the best part: all beer and wine is only $3!  So come on out and meet your neighbors.  Who knows, that cute guy/gal down the hall may show up…



  1. Anonymous says:

    Dunkin Donuts is open.

  2. Amadeo Plaza says:

    I appreciate Murray Hill Park for being there, but there’s really not much going on around it outside of basics (post office, key food, dunkin donuts). Though, I suppose Court Square is the opposite. A whole lot of extra, but no basics.

  3. MPD Resident says:

    Il Falco italian opened up, John Browns BBQ, Breadbox Cafe….Moma PS1, plus Murray Park makes the “MPD” quite an attractive place to live. This doesn’t include the fact that the E/M/G/7 train are within a 3-5 minute walk. If you live by the water…have fun walking to the subway! I’m long MPD.

  4. fuelgrannie says:

    i’m with mpd resident: this is a cute neighborhood in which to live, with a convenient, quick commute. some great restaurants also include lic market and michelin-starred m. wells steakhouse and a few of the gorgeous bars are veneral dutch kills and newbie hostel local ny. court square rocks!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Would never go back to living in Hunters Point – even when its not flooded and even the odd time it actually has subway access.

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