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Who needs to explore?  This says summer in Queens is here

Nothing brings on thoughts of summer in LIC to a greater extent than the announcement of the location for the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks.  But that’s been delayed, so we’ll have to go with highly anticipated summer notification #2: the MoMA PS1 Warm-up musical line-up.  What I love most about this announcement is that unlike the fireworks, for which there’s an actual press conference attended by the likes of NY1 and WPIX, it completely bypasses mainstream media and filters out thru blogs with names like Earmilk.

With acts such as Bbymutha, Hitmakerchinx, Nef the Pharaoh, and Smerz, I immediately envision a huge crowd of partially clothed, heavily pierced, molly-fied club-goers happily baking in the hot July sun.  Where you fit in this picture is up to you, but the MoMAhog has seen her shadow and ice cream trucks are now ensconced on Center Blvd.

//ANTHONY Bourdain’s ‘Parts Unknown’ visits Queens on Sunday night.  While no restaurants in LIC are featured, he does talk to Josh Smookler of Mu Ramen and Cosme Aguilar of Casa Enrique.  Oh I could tell you where he does visit, or you could read the story below for a preview, but what he uncovers should really only be news to the 5.999 billion people who do not read LICtalk.

Now if you want to be your own Queens food explorer, sans camera crew, all you really need to do is go to Taste of Sunnyside next Tuesday, May 23.  At $40 a head the consumption breakeven is an easy hurdle, and to make it that much simpler for people in LIC to attend, it’s right underneath the subway stop.  Hop on, hop off and you’re there.

MoMA Ps1 Announces the Warm Up 2017 Lineupnow you just need to find an outfit

Anthony Bourdain Explores One of the World’s Most Unexpected Best Food Capitalsc’mon, it’s not that remote

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