The LES comes to LIC

The LES comes to LIC

According to a Facebook from Jessica Little McCormick who seems to be the owner, a new restaurant called Bellwether is coming to Long Island City. Jessica mentions that she and her husband have lived in LIC since 2009, have a 1.5 year old daughter and a son in the oven (I had to).  They have teamed up with Preston Madson, a “former long-time chef of Freemans.”  Unlike Freeman’s, this restaurant will be easy to locate as it’s on Vernon Boulevard in the corner location previously occupied by Masso on 47th Road.  It also has a recently added giant sign announcing its presence.  In addition to food, just like Freemans they will have a full cocktail list.  Woo-hoo, who needs the LES?



  1. Anonymous says:

    looks like it will be a nice addition to the neighborhood.
    any idea when its going to open?

  2. BenS says:

    Does this mean there will not be a new restaurant from Ed Cotton of Top Chef?

    • Anonymous says:

      They are on their 4th or 5th chef already. Cotton was the first to bail out of the project

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes they have more them 6 chefs the owner wants his menu and to be honest will be horrible ! No stops there and won’t last

  3. Salad Franklin says:

    That sign is way too classy for Vernon. Needs a generic Steaks, Chops and BBQ awning or a big flag that says PIZZA. LIC can’t have nice things remember.

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is a chicken and waffles place planned right up the block…Sweet Chick owned by Nas the rapper

    • Amy says:

      Tonight, I was sitting with my friend having a lovely dinner with wonderful delicious food and a great waiter. Second time at this establishment. We could have gone anywhere else but I wanted to introduce my friend to this place.
      Out of nowhere appeared the manager who said we should order desert. We politely declined. The manager came back less than 3 minutes later and insisted that it was our last chance to order desert. When we let him know that we will order desert when we were ready, he yanked the wine bottle away from our table, said he would pick up the tab for our dinner but that WE HAD TO LEAVE. No words. We were stunned. What to do. We had been there less than an hour, Ordered appetizers, entrees, a bottle of wine and our evening was just beginning. What happened next is crazy and shocking. The manager called the cops. Once the police showed up, as I was making my way to my purse to get my id and cooperate, the manager grabbed me by the arms and yanked me in a strong manhood type of way, almost making me fall to the ground. As it stands, a complaint for harassment/assault against the manager was taken by the police and is being investigated.
      What a horrible end to what was supposed to be a nice pleasant dinner to a hard week. Why?

  5. […] Ginger J Pierce executive chef of Jams Restaurant and Chef Preston executive chef and co-owner of Bellwether in Long island City, opening this winter. The husband and wife duo worked with the Mulefoot Cross […]

  6. […] too far off the culinary path of previously reported chefs-in-waiting for this restaurant Preston Madson of Freemans and Ed Cotton of Top Chef.  Whomever or whatever, like spring itself Bellwether is eagerly […]

  7. Anonymous says:

    Not gonna last sorry horrible menu and the tables white look like hospital

  8. […] rapper Nas are in the link below.  Bellwether restaurant has opened and it’s pretty much as we first reported back in December, click on the link below to see the full menu.  Finally in Eats, a new wood-fired pizza place […]

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