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Likewise, LIC might get a lot closer for Greenpoint

Likewise, LIC might get a lot closer for Greenpoint too

CITY officials unveiled potential streetcar routes for the proposed BQX connector in a presentation yesterday.  Long Island City options include 21st Street into Jackson Avenue, 11th Street, or Vernon Boulevard.  All the plusses and minuses are laid out in the presentation.

Of possibly greater significance, and a key factor in determining which of the routes they choose, are the three bridge options for crossing into Brooklyn.  The first one, is to use the existing Pulaski.  Yet not only would the use of the bridge itself be logistically difficult given the newly carved out bike lane, but the study notes that the intersection leading up to it on the Queens side would be challenging.

That would leave the remaining two options as more plausible: either a new bridge crossing over at Vernon Boulevard, or a new bridge crossing over at 2nd Street and running east/west for two blocks across 51st Avenue.  Both of these would mean massive changes for Hunters Point. 

Though my gut tells me there would be more positives than negatives with a second bridge1, it also very much confirms my initial reaction to the BQX Connector when it was first proposed back in February: Continue reading

  1. Negatives: lots of disruption during the lengthy construction process, more traffic/noise when it’s up and running, a serious change in lifestyle for 51st Ave residents.  Positives: a very convenient transit alternative for the immediate hood and greater and quicker connectivity to Greenpoint/Wmsbg including via bike/walking []
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