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City Looks To Revive Prior Development Plans For HQ2 Site

Will there be people in Citi LIC come 2020?

New York City is looking at reviving prior development plans for the HQ2 site according to James Padgett the President of the Economic Development Corp (EDC) in Continue reading

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I’m just trying to find the bridge
Has anybody seen the bridge?
Have you seen the bridge?
I ain’t seen the bridge!
Where’s that confounded bridge?

THERE’S going to be a protest this Saturday.  In general, the impetus behind it is to make sure the LIC community has a say in the development of three adjacent waterfront plots: Anable Basin, Waters Edge, and Lake Vernon.  Of equal importance is the request to recognize and rezone these three lots as a whole, not in isolation. The belief is that in doing so it will not only optimize the space for the neighborhood but also for the city, inasmuch as it will allow more comprehensive planning and be able to incorporate much larger economies of scale and/or amortization of concessions. The most obvious example, and one near and dear to The Editor’s heart, is a rec center.1

The logic of creating a Master Plan for the three lots is self-evident, yet the powers-that-be have been completely dormant in recognizing the tremendous opportunity right in front of them.  That’s what the protest is for!

Now, while the Rec Center is the most obvious oversight, and almost de rigeur when talking about concessions for variances or granting a rezoning, there’s another need that also lends itself to amortization, and frankly might be more timely than even, ahem …affordable housing.  That would be Continue reading

  1. and that rec center can also be optimally located where the most people could potentially have the closest walk to get there: on 5th Street & 46th Rd. []
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So much promise, but needs to be reasonable

So much promise, but needs to be reasonable


In the perfect world of The Editor there would be fewer humans taxing the earth’s resources and fewer still straining those of Queens and NYC.  Regrettably someone else from this borough was recently elected monarch so I won’t be able to impose my will until 2020 and thus will be required to accept compromises, just like everyone else.  That will entail watching large swaths of Long Island City towered up to the sky, much of which has already transpired.

Despite my anti-growth leanings, Continue reading

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It's time for LIC to no longer be solely framed by its proximity to Midtown

It’s time for LIC to no longer be framed solely by its proximity to midtown

So, Cornell Technion opened up this week.  While the opening entailed press releases, ribbon-cutting, politicians and media attention, it should come as no surprise as it was completed right on schedule.  Of course that fact may actually be the biggest surprise of all!

Amidst the news hoopla, and there was a lot of it from all angles (see links below), was the standard local one as to how this would affect the local community adjacent to the campus: Long Island City.  All interviewees laud the potential of the proximity to the new campus, and the hyperbole is justified.  Unfortunately what they don’t realize is the huge gulf between “as the crow flies” and reality.  While a new ferry is nice, it is far from a game-changer.  The fact is that the Continue reading

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Bending over backward on Roosevelt Island, but not LIC

Bending over backward on the Roosevelt Island waterfront, but not in LIC

There will be no pedestrian bridge to Roosevelt Island, nor will there be a community center.  TF Cornerstone was selected by NYC officials to develop the Water’s Edge site and their plan largely adheres to the bells and whistles in the RFP put out almost a year and a half ago by the city.  In fact the only one who seems to be surprised that it will have a token industrial component is The New York Times reporter who broke the story.  He obviously must not have bothered reading his colleague’s lengthy story from over a year ago which touted this novelty plan in the development site.

In fact the biggest thing that will differentiate the pair of towers on this plot from their brethren further south along the waterfront in LIC Continue reading

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Que pasa?

Que pasa?

In February of 2016 the City decided to develop the land in and around the former Water’s Edge Restaurant on 44th Drive by the East River.  Given the prospective zoning variance the city was offering, a pair of 60-story towers were possible on this choice piece of property1, so the proposed project is massive.  RFP’s from developers were due that May and were required to include a new school, some affordable housing, and a few other stipulations most notably a set aside for light manufacturing.

After submission the proposals would be reviewed by the NYCEDC (Economic Development Corp) and I was under the belief that shortly after the New Year they would pick 2-3 of those they deem viable for a bake-off, during which time there would be some community review and recommendations and then a winner would be chosen.  Now I’m hearing grumblings that the city is going to bypass the middle step and just render a final decision.

Which is really a shame because in addition Continue reading

  1. actually two properties across the street from each other []