Somewhere in there, will lie a book store

Somewhere in that sea of concrete, will lie a book store

“The books are to remind us what asses and fool we are. They’re Caeser’s praetorian guard, whispering as the parade roars down the avenue, “Remember, Caeser, thou art mortal.”

UPDATE: May 5, 11:30am – the NYT has just reported that “Book Culture, which has several Manhattan locations, has leased a 2,300-square-foot space at 26-09 Jackson” from Rockrose

Who says hard copy is dead? Not Rockrose.  Who says retail is dead?  Not Rockrose.  Today at a Queens real estate event held by Bisnow, Rockrose SVP Patricia Dunphy announced that the developer will be leasing space to a book store in Court Square.  While Patricia was coy as to which book store1, I’m going to make a few assumptions.  The first is that it will be located in The Hayden, their new mega-tower on Jackson Avenue.  Secondly it will open by the end of the year at the latest – because unlike a restaurant, the buildout should be fairly easy.

What other tidbits were shared at the Bisnow event?  I heard from two sources that Toby’s Estate Coffee is packed every morning and on weekends – confirming the pent-up demand for any signs of retail life in Court Square.  Also that new condo building ‘The Harrison’ is already 70% sold at an average nearing $1,300 a square foot, and ‘The Jackson’s’ average selling price has been $1,370 a square foot.

LIC Springs is this Saturday on Vernon Boulevard – What is LIC Springs?  Basically a block festival, but I’ll recast it as a Mardi Gras for the stroller set.  As such, there will be a one-day reprieve from the NYS Open Container Law.  No, no, that’s fake news and only valid if that bottle contains milk.  But female toplessness is still legal in NY State 24/7.  That’s 100% true, so bring your beads.

Colleagues Devastated After Guard Kills Self in LIC“She was always a sweet person. This was totally unexpected,”

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Rockrose Lands $255 Million in Construction Financing for 790-unit LIC Towerlike they really need the money!

  1. eg. Barnes & Noble, independent – I think those are all the choices in 2017 []
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