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Across from da school is da library

Across from da school is da library

Tomorrow is the first day of school for NYC public school students.  After putting in a solid three days, those kids will then get a 4-day weekend due to Rosh Hashanah.  Then it’s back to the grindstone for three days, only to have yet another 3-day school week in week three of the school year due to Yom Kippur and the newly added Eid Al Adha.

Back when I went to school, all these holidays would have been a blessing.  Not because of their significance, but due the work and school mantra: a bad day on the golf course (or playground), is better than…

Now though, Continue reading


The wilds of HPS Park will soon be tamed

The wilds of HPS Park will soon be tamed

Last night the NYCEDC gave an update on HPSP, at a meeting held by the HPPC, here’s what was said.  Construction will start in late summer early fall and be completed in the 4Q of 2018.  The new addition to the park will be more Continue reading


Scaffolding going up around Hunters Point library

In two years we’ll have Bilbao on the East River

Work has commenced at the Hunters Point library site.  The gate was open and several men were erecting a green wooden scaffold about 10-feet from the perimeter.  If all goes according to plan it should be completed in two years and be the centerpiece of Center Boulevard.

For more information on the specifics of the library plans, click here.  For more information on the tortured path of the library click here.

//It’s not just public works that are being constructed, Continue reading


If you build it they will come

Now that oil prices have cratered, it’s no longer useful for drilling

After many false starts, and many false stories, it looks like the journey to the starting line is nearing an end. This morning our exalted leaders held a press conference on Center Boulevard, confirming that construction of the Hunters Point Library will begin in the Spring.  Below are the details from the press release, but what I found most interesting about the release was that it included quotes from 11 different people!

The 21,500-square-foot branch which was designed by renowned architect Steven Holl will feature a reading garden, rooftop terrace, reading rooms for all ages, a gallery, performance space, a children’s area and sweeping views of the New York City’s skyline from the East River. Public service is expected to begin in 2017.

The long delayed project was originally supposed to be completed …well I no longer remember when.  The most recent hiccup occurred about a year ago after the original design was put out to bid and came in $10 million over budget.  Nevertheless when it is completed, Long Island City will be a) spectacular, and b) one step away from being complete.  What’s left after the library? Continue reading


The current Lord of Murray Park

The current Lord of Murray Park(pink stripes), always has next

We’d be remiss as chroniclers of all things LIC, were we not to follow up on last weeks post about MPD by giving you the history of the park.  And just like I did in high school, I’m going to Continue reading


Futbol by the light of the moon

Pelada, not futbol, by the light of the moon in Hunters Point South

In case you missed it, there is a soccer craze going on in the U.S.  Since the opening rounds of the World Cup last month, the sport has finally caught on with the American public.  While it has been gaining momentum with participants for about 30 years, the explosive viewership of the latest Cup has led to a huge interest in actually playing the game.  Nowhere is this more indicative than Continue reading


Donuts, check.  Gatorade, check. I'm ready for '40 minutes of hell' on the court.

Donuts, check.  Gatorade, check.  I’m ready for ’40 minutes of hell’ on the courts of LIC

Lace up your high-tops and practice your hook shot, a 3×3 basketball tournament is coming to the courts on 48th Avenue and it is open to all.  It is being organized by the LIC YMCA and will take place on July 19 & 20.

Here are the details: Continue reading


It's fun to stay at the YMCA!

It’s fun to stay at the YMCA!

What do the Hunters Point Library, Queens Library President, Center Boulevard crosswalks, and a new YMCA in the Rockaways have in common? Continue reading


Here doggie, but not there.

Here doggie, but not there.

The new park at Hunters Point South quietly opened to the public last week, just in time for autumn.  Unsurprisingly, it comes with the same spectacular skyline views as it’s adjacent northern sister, as well as a lack of respite from the sun, but she is a beauty nevertheless.  Check it out, and if you have a pooch you can bring it along because there also is a dog run right in the middle of the park.  Enjoy!

A Walk in Hunters Pointfrom Forgotten New York

40-unit Condo Project Coming to Hunters Pointwhen wil the building end?  and how will it end?

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It’s already a full house!

“Can we all get along?”

Back in May, I published an editorial from a local mom which called for enforcing the ban on dogs in Gantry Park.  In hearing her reasons and then reviewing her letter, I thought she made a pretty rational case for the ban.  At the conclusion of the letter, I tacked on my own addendum with a few more points on the subject, followed by my usual self-promoting solution:

Fortunately, there is a partial solution.  As anyone who has been by the QueensWest Field in the last year knows, there is an unofficial dog run just north of it by the picnic tables.  The solution is to get rid of the never-used tables, fence it all in, and make it an official dog-run.  That should take about 72 hours.  As a token of your appreciation for dispensing my Solomonic wisdom, you can call it the LICtalk Dog Run.

Lo and behold, it seems that the powers-that-be were actually in the midst of implementing my brilliant idea, when a movement began to quash it based on it’s proximity to a newly built school!  Thus, I feel compelled to defend this future monument to LICtalk.

The main arguments for not putting in the dog run, center around children’s safety, distraction of kids in class, and filth from excrement.  Well guess what?  We live in an urban environment, kids are subject to all of the above no matter where the dog run is located.  They are in close proximity to dogs everywhere they go: the sidewalks of Center Boulevard, the hallways of their apartment buildings, not to mention the elevators!  As for the distractions of a dog run, as anyone in LIC knows, there’s no one around between 9am and 5pm Monday thru Fridays anyway.  Also, most dogs owned by residents of the local shoeboxes surrounding the proposed run, are little yappers.  As for dog poop, this is a zero-sum game, as there certainly won’t be any less surrounding Queens West Field.  It’ll just move to 5th Street, where many owners currently curb their dogs, and 98% of them clean up after them.  Plus, after being a de-facto dog run for the last year, do you really think owners are going to stop using the area as such?  There are eight dog-friendly towers containing 3200 apartments within 200 yards of the dog run, with no other place to let them run free.  The reality is they are not going to schlep them every single day, more than a quarter of a mile each way, to access the other dog runs.  It ain’t gonna happen.  Instead, you will have an “open” dog run replete with all the aforementioned problems.  The current space was previously an underutilized sliver of poorly planned picnic tables, made redundant by those actually in the park.

As for the thought of putting it somewhere else in Gantry, there is nowhere else, and if there was, then you would be back to square one of having dogs in, and all over, Gantry Park!  Furthermore, based on the pace of current local projects, by the time all the studies were done, all the politicians signed off on it, and it were to be completed, there’s a good chance Obama would no longer be our president.  So let’s stick with the original plan, and keep the LICtalk Dog Run exactly where it is.

Hey dog owners, mans best friend can’t speak or write, only you can.  If you want a dog run on the northern part of Center Blvd., you better make your voice heard: Councilman Van Bramer’s office 718-383-9566 or [email protected]

10 Years On, a High Rise Hood in LIC - now that it’s completed, TF Cornerstone looks back.  Plus, a HUGE restaurant surprise: Trattoria L’Incontro is coming to Center Boulevard!

TF Cornerstone Tops Out It’s Last High Rise on Center Blvd

5Pointz Mural Painting at John Brown Smokehousenow sporting 5Pointz colors on their patio, as if you needed another reason to go


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