Fourth of July Central

Fourth of July Central

In ancient times,
Hundreds of years before the dawn of history
Lived a strange race of people, the Druids
No one knows who they were or what they were doing
But their legacy remains
Hewn into the living rock, of Stonehenge
Stonehenge! Where the demons dwell
Where the banshees live and they do live well
Stonehenge! Where a man’s a man
And the children dance to the Pipes of Pan
THE MACY’S 4TH OF JULY FIREWORKS ARE RETURNING TO THE EAST RIVER IN 2017 according to a memo sent to residents of Hunters Point South this afternoon and forwarded to us by a reader.  What else is there to say except LICtalk got it first and thank you Squeaky!

//I can’t think of any word with the addendum “henge” attached that doesn’t make me envision the Stonehenge scene in Spinal TapManhattanHenge via LIC truly evinces a squeal because we have the oversized Gantries standing in for the undersized napkin-erred Stonehenge sets.  We also have a lot of amateur photographers crowding around those gantries, whose presence makes me envision something completely different.

Anyway before I get completely off topic, make sure you have film in the polaroid because Memorial Day at 8:13pm is when it all goes down for the first time, followed the next day at the same bat time, and then again on July 12 & 13 at 8:20pm.

//THE Queens Chronicle looked into the future of the LIC Academy of Music, and it appeared bleak.  They called a few instructors who work there, and it seems like the recently arrested founder was a Continue reading

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Here's all the local food I need

Who needs to explore?  This says summer in Queens is here

Nothing brings on thoughts of summer in LIC to a greater extent than the announcement of the location for the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks.  But that’s been delayed, so we’ll have to go with highly anticipated summer notification #2: the MoMA PS1 Warm-up musical line-up.  What I love most about this announcement is that unlike the fireworks, for which there’s an actual press conference attended by the likes of NY1 and WPIX, it completely bypasses mainstream media and Continue reading

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Busted in LIC

Busted in LIC!

ACCORDING to a gazillion news reports, Oliver Sohngen, the founder of the Long Island City Academy of Music, was arrested this morning for allegedly dallying and or attempting to do so with young girls between the ages of 8 and 17 years old.  The Academy, located in the LIC Arts Center on 23rd Street near 44th Drive, offers kids music classes in everything from voice to vibraphone, as well as theater, songwriting, and a panoply of different instruments.  Their website lists faculty from Juilliard, Mannes Berklee, and Bard, and the school has been in existence for a decade.  Many children from the neighborhood received their introduction to guitar, piano, and violin at the school.

Sohngen is said to be 52 years old and originally from Germany.  You can read more about the specifics of the charges in the links below.

//IN the LIC is the ‘Center of the Universe’ category, a new proposal has been put forth for Sunnyside Yards, that would transform it into a major new transit hub, and eliminate Penn Station for all intensive purposes. Continue reading




Obligatory spring photo w/ blooming flowers and classic midtown skyline

We mothballed this tired title last year after using it for four in a row, so I guess that makes it a Continue reading


We are the  world, We are the children... LIC...

We are the world, We are the children…

One would think that Long Island City was the ‘center of the universe’ based on all the coverage it received in The New York Times this past weekend.  Of course that’s an honorific LICtalk has repeatedly been bestowing on this town since we began publication, 160 years after the ‘Gray Lady’.  Despite the Times incumbency, we were able to wrest the scoop of a book store coming to Court Square from a lengthy piece on the neighborhood it put out a day later.  That article detailed the tremendous growth the neighborhood is experiencing, something we’ve been writing about ad nauseam for well over a year.  The main difference in the two publications is that we don’t get drop-of-a-hat access to anyone named Elghanayan nor do we get exclusive scoops dropped in our lap – we have to fight for every scrap.  Other than that I’d say we’re identical in every way, ex a few Pulitzers.

One recurring date on which we refer to LIC as the ‘center of the universe,’ is the Fourth of July. Continue reading


Somewhere in there, will lie a book store

Somewhere in that sea of concrete, will lie a book store

“The books are to remind us what asses and fool we are. They’re Caeser’s praetorian guard, whispering as the parade roars down the avenue, “Remember, Caeser, thou art mortal.”

UPDATE: May 5, 11:30am – the NYT has just reported that “Book Culture, which has several Manhattan locations, has leased a 2,300-square-foot space at 26-09 Jackson” from Rockrose

Who says hard copy is dead? Not Rockrose.  Who says retail is dead?  Not Rockrose.  Today at a Queens real estate event held by Bisnow, Rockrose SVP Patricia Dunphy announced that the developer will be leasing space to a book store in Court Square.  While Patricia was coy as to which book store1, I’m going to make a few assumptions.  The first is that it will be located in The Hayden, their new mega-tower on Jackson Avenue.  Secondly it will open by the end of the year at the latest – because unlike a restaurant, the buildout should be fairly easy.

What other tidbits were shared at the Bisnow event? Continue reading

  1. eg. Barnes & Noble, independent – I think those are all the choices in 2017 []
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Law & Order

Law & Order

WHAT a day in LIC.  It started early this morning at the Queensboro Correctional Facility where a guard who worked there ran down the street firing shots at her ex-boyfriend before turning the gun on herself.  Due to bullets splaying all over the place and the eventual dramatic suicide, the story was widely reported on by NYC media within hours of its occurring.

More interesting to local readers, is a) the existence of this prison, and b) its location.  The latter can best Continue reading



Making Deep Purple Proud

Making Deep Purple Proud

THE New York Times is out today with a story on the emptying out of the Blanchard and Paragon buildings on Borden Avenue, in order to make way for higher-paying office tenants.  Whole businesses are vacating the premises, typified by the protagonist of the story, a furniture upholsterer who is leaving for Long Island.  LICtalk has previously profiled two businesses in the Blanchard.  The first BklynBooks (aka iPodMeister) was mentioned in the Times story, and is moving to Paterson, NJ.  The second, Manhattan Fruitier, has moved a little further east to the LIC/Sunnyside border.  Prophetically, the owner of the latter sent me this quote when I asked him about the sale of the building a year ago: Continue reading



The new Long Island City promotional photo and spokesperson

The new Long Island City promotional photo and spokesperson

I’d like to say that nothing happened in LIC during my two week absence, because that would be the truth.  But I’m in the ink moving business, have lots of other things to catch up on, and the truth is Continue reading


Bunnies big and small

Bunnies big and small

From the day we arrive on the planet
And, blinking, step into the sun
There’s more to see than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done
There’s far too much to take in here
More to find than can ever be found
But the sun rolling high
Through the sapphire sky
Keeps great and small on the endless round

THE stories of the week are the stories of life.  Yes I am making that profound statement, despite its only having a filigree of connection at best.  Though aren’t egg hunts, food festivals posing as flea markets, and real estate a suitable analogy for the basic necessities of LIC in 2017?

Anyway, for those not leaving town, the LIC Flea begins this Saturday.  You know the deal, what began several years ago as a market of goods, is now predominantly gourmet food stalls and craft beer.  Nothing wrong with that!  Moreover as the beer swilling continues it helps to grease the wheels of an egg hunt of sorts for adults. Capisce?

//I don’t know what’s more highly anticipated, the Annual Trinity Grace Church Queens Easter Egg Hunt in Gantry Park, or the registration for it?  Either way, Continue reading

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