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Meals on Wheels making its daily delivery to Citylights

Meals on Wheels making its daily delivery to Citylights

Just as the tax abatement for the Citylights Building was about to start rolling off, NYC boosted the buildings assessed value by 87%.  For good measure they tacked on another 5% this year.  The near doubling in possible tax payments has the co-op’s residents looking at a 50% increase in already steep monthly maintenance over the next five years, which if implemented on this tower of over 500 units will force out many residents who can no longer afford to live there.

You can read the story below for more details.  Instead I’d prefer to focus on two takeaways that all apartment owners in Continue reading

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Here's lookin' at you

Here’s lookin’ at you LIC


The grassy knoll


Left by aliens


They came, they walked, they saw, and then they got beer and ice cream.  Official ceremony be damned, Hunters Point South Park Phase II opened to the public today Continue reading

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The Sandwich King comes to Queens

“Enjoy every sandwich” 1

A whole lotta news happened here while I was guzzling away on the beach during Spring Break. There’s no craft beer where I went, just Bud Light during the day and Fireball at night.  With heavy doses of that combo you don’t even need a motel room.  Would you like to see pictures?  No?  Well then let’s talk sandwiches! Continue reading

  1. in an interview the musician Warren Zevon did on the Late Show with David Letterman following Zevon’s having been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Letterman asked Zevon if there was anything he understood now, facing his own mortality, that he didn’t before. Zevon replied, “Just how much you’re supposed to enjoy every sandwich.” []
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I’m just trying to find the bridge
Has anybody seen the bridge?
Have you seen the bridge?
I ain’t seen the bridge!
Where’s that confounded bridge?

THERE’S going to be a protest this Saturday.  In general, the impetus behind it is to make sure the LIC community has a say in the development of three adjacent waterfront plots: Anable Basin, Waters Edge, and Lake Vernon.  Of equal importance is the request to recognize and rezone these three lots as a whole, not in isolation. The belief is that in doing so it will not only optimize the space for the neighborhood but also for the city, inasmuch as it will allow more comprehensive planning and be able to incorporate much larger economies of scale and/or amortization of concessions. The most obvious example, and one near and dear to The Editor’s heart, is a rec center.1

The logic of creating a Master Plan for the three lots is self-evident, yet the powers-that-be have been completely dormant in recognizing the tremendous opportunity right in front of them.  That’s what the protest is for!

Now, while the Rec Center is the most obvious oversight, and almost de rigeur when talking about concessions for variances or granting a rezoning, there’s another need that also lends itself to amortization, and frankly might be more timely than even, ahem …affordable housing.  That would be Continue reading

  1. and that rec center can also be optimally located where the most people could potentially have the closest walk to get there: on 5th Street & 46th Rd. []
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Mona Coal-Ice is sweet

Mona Coal-Ice is sweet

So what’s with the recently painted gold-lettered “Mona Coal-Ice” on Vernon Boulevard?  Is it an olde-tymey steam-punk themed haberdashery?  Is it a spin-off from the ice cream store next door?  Or maybe we should take it literally and get our ice for parties and coal for umm, you know, like burning?  No. no, thanks to a little sleuthing from my desktop Continue reading

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The new hangout after dropping the kids off

The new hangout after dropping the kids off

When a problem comes along
You must whip it
Before the cream sits out too long
You must whip it
When something’s going wrong
You must whip it

DON’T let anyone tell you that incubation is bad/dirty/will make your child go blind.  It’s not and is perfectly natural and normal.  Now that we have that out of the way, we are happy to report that next year every child in LIC will be able to incubate in LIC.  That’s because after much brainstorming and jawboning by an ardent group of local advocates, the DOE has decided to convert the large Pre-K center at 27-35 Jackson Avenue in Court Square into a new K-2 location called 30Q384 to incubate the brand new elementary school coming to 54th Avenue in Hunters Point.  Therefore the lucky parents of the class of 2032 will have two local options as to where to send their kids for elementary school as opposed to all previous classes who were relegated to a sole choice.. That’s a 100% increase, and as every teacher knows 100 is perfect.  In addition, it now gives parents in Court Square (of which there will soon be many more – see below) a much closer option than PS78Q.  Finally, we hear that the trailer pre-school on 49th Avenue, which was slated for closure, will now remain open.

//RENT War Breaks Out in LIC – that should have been the title of a story below in the WSJ, as it relates to how Continue reading

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Inline image 1

The battle for increased school capacity has been waged by parents for several years now, many of whom won’t be the beneficiaries of the new schools.  Though most ultimately were unscathed by the controversy, inasmuch as their child eventually received a seat in PS78, the uncertainty was unsettling, and may have motivated others to move out or not move to LIC in the first place.  Also, in the question-mark that is truncation, it was a factor in prompting some recent middle school parents to opt for the new middle school instead of sticking it out at 78.

In viewing the current situation, I can’t help but think that for every action there is at first a delayed response, and then inevitably an overreaction.  Since it’s been primarily parents along the waterfront who have been demanding schools now, that is where the schools have been going.  Yet any chess player can see that the next big need is closer to Court Square.  The powers that be completely screwed up in not insisting a school be placed in the base of 5Pointz.  In addition to being extremely well-situated to accommodate children from all parts of LIC, it would have been available in time for the school year beginning in 2018.  Instead the community received baubles in return for granting the developers a zoning variance allowing them to build an additional 28 stories.

The words above were written here in LICtalk almost two years ago.  They are especially prescient given the specifics surrounding the current battle for seating capacity/location in local elementary schools. Continue reading

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Down by the river

While I wrote recently that I might expound on the rationale for adding a rec center in Hunters Point, I’ve decided I would provide an excerpt that I wrote to Robert Dobruskin, the director in the NYC Planning Dept. who is collecting community comments on the Anable Basin rezoning.  The excerpt is below.  More importantly, if you haven’t already please sign the petition being circulated to bring a community center to Hunters Point.

<<<This weeks news links at the very bottom>>>

//YESTERDAY the little information fairies were asked to distribute a memorandum to their parents announcing a meeting about a new District Elementary School to be incubated in Long Island City in the Continue reading



Thank you Brent, please place Rec Center right here.

Thank you Brent, please place Rec Center right here now

A movement has begun for a Rec Center in Hunters Point.  Spearheaded by Brent O’Leary, President of the Hunters Point Civic Association, and Eric Malinowski, a local father of two, the tandem, with backing from several other neighborhood organizations, has created an online petition calling for a recreation center to be included in any large development granted a rezoning or variance (Aka #1 Anable Basin; #2 Water’s Edge).  The petition cites many Continue reading

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Despite the delays and cost overruns at the Hunters Point Library, I personally like it. I know that not everyone in the neighborhood shares my sentiment, some thinking it an overpriced folly and others questioning the need for any new libraries in the 21st century.  But grand projects that may come across as impractical or wasteful at onset, can sometimes transcend their original purpose, as well as transform a neighborhood if the conceptualization of it is on target.  Though we won’t really know for another year about the final outcome, I’m optimistic that the decision to build it will be proven correct.

Yet underlying the creation of the Hunters Point Library, is a dirty little secret: Continue reading

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